Sunday, September 16, 2012

No New Podcast This Week

Unfourtanly there will be no new episode of the Around the Trunk podcast this week. We ran into massive techinacal difficulties. Chris had near constant connection problems, Tyler was having some issues with his mic leading to him sounding a little muddled.

There was a lot of disjointed conversations as Chris dropped in and out and we attempted to get him back. After almost and hour and a half of this we gave up on Chris and thanks to Tyler spurning us on made an attempt at salvaging the epsiode. We talked for another forty minutes and had some great discussions, only to lose them to problems in the recording software.

We tried folks, we really, really did. These things happen unfourtantly. Instead of giving you pieces of what we do have I wanted to keep a high quailty, or at least a quality to the podcast instead of giving you some pieced together slop. We shall be back next week and hopefully have all of this sorted out.

So to our only listener, our apoligies and we'll be back next week.

We did want to have a contest in this one which we'll discuss in more detail in the next podcast. We are also hopeing to start a questions segment. If you have any topics, stories or questions about writing you want shared/answered, let us know.

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