Monday, September 10, 2012

2 - Spoilers, Spoilers Everywhere

Episode Two of the Around the Trunk Podcast.


This time we talked about the return of Doctor Who in Asylum of the Daleks, reviewed Super God by Warren Ellis and close out with a discussion of our favorite characters from Game of Thrones (the TV show)

Spoilers. This show has them. Lots of them. We talk about these subjects as if you have already viewed them. If you haven't, no worries, this podcast will still be here once you've gotten caught up.



We are on iTunes, but under the wrong name. Something went wonky in the submission process. We hoped to have it fixed soon. We will also be experimenting with different editing techniques next week and I'm going to dig deep under the couch for some pennies to get a mic, hopefully this will lead to better audio for you and less editing for me.

Show Notes:

Intro: 0:1:00

This entire episode deals with spoilers for it's respective topics. You have been warned.

First Topic: 1:00-29:00

Doctor Who Returns!

What did we think of Asylum of the Daleks, Amy, Rory and Oswin (New Companion?)

Second Topic:29:-47:42

We discuss

Super God by Warren Ellis & Garrie Gastonny

And let you know what we like and didn't like about this comic and tips for how to avoid some of the problems the comic
runs into.

Third Topic: 47:42-120:17

We talk the Game of Thrones TV show, specifically who are favorite characters are and what makes them so well written.

Closing: 120:17-121:51

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