Monday, September 3, 2012

1 - Gods Of Earth 09/02/12

The very first episode of our Around the Trunk Podcast.

First Topic: 3:08- 30:00

Skyrim and Fallout, a comparison of Worlds.

Second Topic: 30:00 - 51:00

Time Travel. We had a more centralized focus for this topic, but it got away from us. As the wibbly wobbly tends to do. During this topic Chris got interrupted and didn't mute his mic, so the audio gets a little garbled. He will mute his mic in the future or we will skin him alive. We also go on a bit of a historical tangent toward the end. We will be better about that in the future.

Third Topic 51:00- 1:37:00

The Super Power Game

This was a special thing we did for the first episode. It goes pretty long and is the last topic. If you have no interest in it you can turn the podcast off here and not miss anything else.

Mike: Flight, Immortality (G), Solar Sustenance
Chris: Time Travel (G), Earth Bending, Muscle Memory
Tyler  Brute Telekinesis, Healing Factor (G), Teleportation

Let us know in the comments which super powered God you think would in the game of world domination and which one you would rather be.

Twitter Handles & Blogs

Mike: @Madness Serenade

Chris: @TheArchetipical


Tyler texted me after recording this. Killing kids in games isn't illegal in US law, but in the industry would almost guarantee an Adults Only rating, leading to most carries to ban your games.

First episode, already getting things wrong. Off to a great start.


  1. Thanks for the holler at me, I also hollered at you on my bloggie. Your podcast is pretty great especially for a first episode. Cheers!

  2. My name is Chris Taylor and I approve of this podcast